Champion Car Wash

HELLO! WOW!!!!! Guys this is gonna change the world! To see how much I saved, just multiply October sales by the electric % of Sept sales. It tells me I saved $1,182 at site #1 and $1,397 at site #2. This is totally incredible! Just thought you would like to know.


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Robertson County, Tennessee

We have also noticed that the lighting in this building is brighter, elevators run faster, walk in cooler unit is running significantly quieter and we had one 20 ton HVAC unit that had a 11 percent phase imbalance and after installation of Black Hawk, the unit balanced to.6 percent.

We noticed a savings on our monthly utility statement, the September reading for Meter 11488 was 2461.52, and for the month of October it was 1172.33 with a savings of 1289.19. Meter 10636 was 15,490.34 and for the month of October it was 11,158.50 with a savings of 4331.84. The total savings for Robertson County Government, for a partial month was 5621.03.

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Tennessee Wildlife Resources Center

The air conditioner has never run as smoothly and quietly as it now does... The florescent lighting comes on immediately now with the flick of the switch; as opposed to spitting and sputtering like they did prior to the installation of the Blackhawk Energy Saver. The computer system here at Cheatham Wildlife Management Area has never functioned at a higher level and even my old freezer runs more quietly now.

As you are aware, our headquarters is at the end of a three mile dead end single phase line. I have been here for 22 years and have never had voltage above 109 until you installed the Blackhawk Energy Saver. It is a real difference maker!

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Kentucky Fried Chicken / Taco Bell Franchise Owner

I had a significant increase in business after installing the unit. That being said, my bill should have increased in comparison to the increased business, but my bills have dropped! ... the experts that have been out here to examine the unit are also very impressed with the drop in amperage draw and Kwh consumption.


Along with the savings of Kwh, I have had no problem with voltage drops or spikes since installing the unit. The motors on the compressors for refrigeration and the air conditioner are running flawlessly.

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Electrical Business Owner

Having retired after 53 years in the electrical business as an owner, project manager, and estimator, I had the opportunity of exploring an amazing new electrical product. It was a power conditioning system distributed by Black Hawk Energy Saver. Amazing because of the multitude of positive changes made to the electrical system.

I compared two identical pieces of equipment with the same size motors. One had the power conditioner installed, the other without. I was able to determine the following results due to the power saver:

1. Balanced voltages across all phases.

2. A considerable reduction in amps.

3. Absolutely no power spikes.

4. Power Factor raised to 98%.
(Note: a load that causes a low power factor will draw more current than a load with a high power factor for the same amount of usable or useful power.)

5. The motor was completely cool, after hours of continuous running.


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Home Owner - Dan Cook

My utility bill at my dwelling house has always been substantially high, and in February of 2011 it was well over $800.00. The device was delivered . . . and I am happy to say that the utility bills have declined substantially to around $320.00 to $350.00 each month and seems to be going down.


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First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg

Two BlackHawk units were installed August 26, 2012.  The installation occurred in the middle of the September billing cycle so for accurate reporting, tracking did not start until the first day of the October billing cycle.

This chart compares the daily average charges for corresponding months from the year before the units were installed, and the year after:  Oct 2011 – Oct 2012 and Oct 2012 – Oct 2013.