Our Mission

To improve the environment by helping clients reduce the carbon footprint for their homes and businesses, by reducing their demand on the electric grid.


To educate consumers about how the BlackHawk Energy Saver technology can:

1. Reduce electric bills;
2. Lower KWH usage and peak demand charges;
3. Improve the quality of electric service; and
4. Extend the life of motors and equipment.

The PowerHouse power conditioning system by Black Hawk Energy Products, LLC stands alone in energy conservation products.

Developed over years of research and development, The PowerHouse has a proven track record of energy savings and increased equipment efficiency.
Power delivered to a panel by the grid is affected by external upstream influences beyond your control.  These external influences result in deteriorated power quality delivered to your panel.
The PowerHouse boosts, balances and stabilizes voltage across all phases.
Simultaneously, The PowerHouse balances and reduces amp loads on the panel.  Power quality is greatly improved, even when demand is increased.  There is no voltage drop when equipment starts up. By boosting, stabilizing and balancing power across the phases, equipment operates at peak design with decreased strain.
The PowerHouse generates real bottom line savings through:

- Reduced KW consumption

- Capturing lost voltage
- Reduction of peak load charges
- Increased equipment lifespan
- Decreased maintenance costs