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The mission of Innovative Energy Saver is to be a leader of the Green Energy initiative by providing the most reliable, efficient, cost effective, energy saving product, the PowerHouse: available for all commercial electrical consumers.  It is also our mission to educate the public that they have the ability to reduce their electric bills and the carbon footprint by installing the PowerHouse into their electrical system so the following things will occur:

Voltage is boosted and stabilized, thereby minimizing low and fluctuating voltage issues 

By boosting the voltage, amp loads are lowered, thereby reducing heat and friction within motors, resulting in lower operating temperatures  

The reduced operating temperatures mean reduced maintenance and repair bills and longer
equipment life

All three legs/phases are balanced, facilitating equipment operating at its optimum design and peak efficiency with increased productivity 

Power Factor is corrected when the PowerHouse harnesses the lost power that goes to ground, brings it back into the system, enabling the customer to more efficiently use the power that has already entered the electrical system and been logged thru the electrical meter. 

The stabilized voltage provides the steady, dependable power needed to power computers, data centers, pumps, motors and lighting

The PowerHouse provides 50,000 volts added surge protection which is critical for protecting computers, pumps & motors

Kilowatt consumption is reduced, thereby reducing the volume of CO2 gases that are generated  

Electric grid demand is lowered so less coal, oil and natural gases are required thereby paving the way for us to become a more energy efficient nation and less dependent on fuels from other countries